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Spectrum Ananlyzer pro 4.6

Spectrum Ananlyzer pro 4.6: Recommended to Meet the Strict Professional Demands of Sound Analysis VST Plugin Leq (m) movie calculator Leq (m) with weighting filters Leq dB(A),Leq dB(B) and Leq dB(C) Leq time and frequency protocol for excel or as a text file Average files converter to excel files (create your own Excel sheet) Change RMS level Meter with Peak Meter:: New features to this program include# K-System (K-20, K-14, K-12) by Bob Katz# Level Meter norm > DIN45406# Level Meter norm > Nordic N9# Level Meter norm > BBC PPM# Level Meter norm > EBU PPM

Movienizer 4.4: Organize, track and research your movie collection easily
Movienizer 4.4

movies? Collected so many that you`re getting lost among the many discs? Get your movies organized with Movienizer! Organize, track and research your movie collection easily with the powerful movie catalog tool. How many movies have you already collected? How many more are you going to get? Don`t get lost in your growing collection! Catalog all your movies, track loaners and get recommendations with your personal movie organizer! Movienizer helps

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All My Movies 8.1: Organize your movie collection automatically with All My Movies.
All My Movies 8.1

Organize your movie collection and track loans with All My Movies. All My Movies delivers what other products just promise: a really fast way to organize your movies. Just enter movie name or UPC code, and get everything else from the Internet. If you regularly loan movies from your collection, you will value the powerful tracking features. You will know who has borrowed a particular movie as well as that borrower`s history.

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Movie Catalogue 4.02: The complete organizer for all your movies. Easy to use with many options.
Movie Catalogue 4.02

movies. Easy to use with many special options - artists movie list, your movie list of an artist, pictures from the movie, pictures of the artist, history of the artists, plot of the movie, awards and so much more. You can use it for your movies on tape, DVD, hard disk or just for collecting information of the best movies. Strong search that is the easiest to use. Movie Catalogue gives you the full view of your data. The graphic interface of the

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Easy movie organizer 2.0: Easy movie organizer is the ideal software for movie lovers.
Easy movie organizer 2.0

movie organizer is the ideal software for movie lovers. Watch movie trailers,buy movie tickets,buy dvd,blu-ray,HDDVD. Organize your movie collection and your movie wish list always know wat`s new and wat`s comming soon in theaters and on dvd.Print,export movie to (adobe acrobat,microsoft word,microsoft excel,webpage,text file...) email movie to your friend. Organize your movie collection or your movie wish list quick and easy. Add movie automatically

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DVDSmith Movie Backup 1.06: DVDSmith Movie Backup: Freeware to copy any Movie DVD to computer easily!
DVDSmith Movie Backup 1.06

DVDSmith Movie Backup is DVD Decrypter and DVD copying Freeware to copy entire DVD movie to hard disk, and removes all the protections (CSS, RC, RCE, APS, UOPs and Sony ARccOS) while copying. With DVDSmith Movie Backup you can make clones of your favorite DVD movies hard drive with just a few clicks -- either complete with all the extras or just the main movie only, in selected audios and subtitles. DVDSmith Movie Backup is FREEWARE.

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Movie Library 1.4.401: Movie, video collection manager, movie/actor database
Movie Library 1.4.401

Movie Library is a database application designed for movie collectors and movie fans. It lets you catalog any video formats such as DVD, VHS, VCD, LaserDisc or home videos. It`s also a movie and actor database. You can record extensive information about your favorite movies and actors. It offers an explorer like interface, it displays movie detail in a HTML page format. You can retrieve movie info from online movie database and more...

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